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LMIA Based/Exempt Work Permits

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
A positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a record issued by the Human Resources and Social Development Canada which confirms that the activity offered to a foreign national couldn’t be filled by a Canadian labourer. Thus, as a rule, if a Canadian employer needs to contract a temporary foreign worker, they need to apply for an LMIA to the Canadian government. The processing time for a standard LMIA approval is three to four months. Upon approval, a positive LMIA enables the foreign labourer to apply for a work permit, which is an authoritative archive enabling them to work lawfully in the nation. There are two ways through which an employer can hire a foreign worker; Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and International Mobility Program (IMP).

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP):
Canadian employers who need to hire foreigners to fill temporary work and skill deficiencies can enlist through the TFWP. As a business owner, you will require a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social improvement Canada before you can offer a job to the foreign worker.

The employer, if applying to hire a foreign worker through the TFWP program, needs to pay a fee and it is subject to approval. After a positive LMIA is granted, the employer has to submit the document to the foreign worker, who can apply for a work permit to IRCC based on that LMIA.

A positive LMIA provides you additional CRS of 50 or 200 depending upon your NOC.

The International Mobility Program (IMP):
Not all employers are required to get a positive LMIA from ESDC to hire a foreign worker. The International Mobility Program enables employers to enlist temporary foreign worker without an LMIA. Under the IMP a few classes of foreign workers are exempted from getting an approved LMIA before being contracted by a Canadian Employer.

The International Mobility Worker Unit (IMWU) has the authority to choose if the foreign worker falls under any of the exempted class. The employers are required to contact IMWU and pay a fee of $230 while presenting the idea of work through the business entry.

Work Permit Exempt categories
A foreign national may work in Canada without a work permit in following occupations:

Business Visitor , Military Personnel, Athletes and Team Members, News Reporters and Media Crews, Public Speakers, Convention Organizers, Clergy, Judges, Referees and Similar Officials, Examiners and Evaluators , Foreign Government Officers, Foreign Representatives and their Family Members, Military Personnel and few more.

Note: Fraudulent Job Offers

Many companies in overseas advertise forged job offers. Please be careful, if they take interview in your country and offer you a job in Canada and asks for money. Research thoroughly online and verify the employer in Canada who offers you the job.


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